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Akwaaba (Welcome)

Akwaaba (Welcome), in the name of the Most High.
When, upon visiting Barbados for the first time at age 4, Umoja, grown in London suburbs, always knew she wanted to go to Afrika.
Umoja always liked cameras and their ability to document ‘history’, yet decided to look at photography as a profession in 1984, inspired by the appalling images of the famine in Ethiopia taken by David Bailey. She felt passionately that another way of representing Afrika and her people was possible.
Umoja studied photography at the London College of Printing, London and achieved an Honours degree in 1993. She has traveled extensively and photographed in Thailand, U.S.A, 10 European countries and 11 Afrikan ones, visiting Ghana three times before Panafest 2003.
Umoja has won photography awards in NIFCA 2002 and gained sponsorship from Agfa whilst at college.
Most recently she won a prize and was highly recommended in the “Commonwealth Photo Awards 2004”.
She has a permanent exhibition in the Africa section of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. She had her first solo exhibition in May 2004 in Barbados, which was made for people who may never travel ‘home’ personally.
It was made to endarken, inform and educate. To deconstruct the untruths that Afrika cannot feed itself, is always at war and is disunited.
She is now a freelancer and has been published in newspapers and magazines at home and abroad and sometimes she collaborates in web projects such as websites and social media. There are lots of deals on all-inclusive and resorts for anyone looking to get married on the island. So be sure to contact Umoja at Blak Star Photos for the best photography services in Barbados!
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